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Never a company to resist challenges, Keller Supply, over the last several years, has embarked on a plan of significant growth in new market areas. This growth has occurred both geographically and through specific product diversification. As these various divisions expand and develop, we at Keller Supply learn how to better serve our client base by providing them with the products they need to stay competitive.

Residential Plumbing: Keller Supply is a Pacific Northwest leader in the residential plumbing supply market. We just keep getting stronger in all areas of home improvement: new construction, remodel and repair.

Commercial Plumbing: To meet current demands, several of our branches specialize in commercial and industrial products: plumbing supplies, pipe, valves and fittings. Mechanical contractors now heavily rely on Keller Supply to meet their commercial building needs.

Leisure Supply: In 1982 Keller Supply launched the Leisure Products Division, which focuses on pool and spa products. Over the years it has grown from three employees to become a recognized leader in spa and pool products.

Heating & Air Conditioning: Starting with one branch 1993, Keller Air has become a Pacific Northwest force in the heating and cooling industry. In the last decade, the Air Division has grown to be an integral part of twenty-two of our branches, representing excellent product lines, great service and competitive pricing.

Hydronics: Our Hydronics focus has enhanced the knowledge of the participants and gives the branches the ability to offer system design, product selection and informed professional advice on hydronic systems of all types.

Fire Protection: From Pipe, Valves, and Fittings to Sprinkler Heads and Devices Keller Supply is ready to deliver quality products from our inventories to the Fire Protection Contractor

Training: The Keller Training Center was built to provide training for Keller’s customers and employees on live fired HVAC, Ductless and Hydronic equipment.


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