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Request an Appointment

Why make an appointment for your fixture consultation?

With all the decisions needed to be made when redoing a kitchen or bathroom, it is imperative that you have your sales consultant’s undivided attention. This ensures that all details are taken care of and the correct products are ordered. This is the number one reason we recommend making an appointment when picking out your plumbing fixtures.

In addition, your consultant can also make sure that your products will be ordered in a timely manner and be in place when they are needed. Remember that your sales consultant is a specialist and, when they completely understand you project, they can better recommend products that will keep you and your family satisfied for years to come.

Please take the time to make an appointment.

A showroom consultant will do their best to schedule you on your preferred date and time and will contact you by phone/email to confirm your appointment. If your date is not available we will email you the earliest date and time available. Please provide in “comments” how large your project is so we can also make sure we schedule adequate time for your consultation.

Helpful Hints: Please bring with you at your appointment: Photos of items you may be interested in, color selections and your plans.

With this done, we can guarantee that your selection process will be an enjoyable experience.


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